About REF REF Financial Press Limited is a trusted financial print service provider that offers a broad spectrum of high-caliber financial print products and services to the market. We specialize in IPO prospectuses, financial reports, circulars, announcements and other financial documents. Strategically based in Hong Kong, REF houses a talented staff team comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive industry know-how and excellent track records in serving corporate clients from the local and international arenas. At REF, we are deeply dedicated to deliver the optimal solution to customers. We achieve that by leveraging our multi-facet expertise in financial printing. After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we know exactly what you need and will recommend the right bundle of products and services to you. We work hard to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is implemented in an accurate and timely manner. The REF competitive advantages High-caliber financial print products and services A one-stop shop for all your financial printing needs Professional, accurate and speedy Expertise in handling time-critical projects and jobs that involve sensitive information Quick and accurate filing of announcements and other documents Customized product and service solutions Knowledgeable and experienced staff Award-winning design and creative team Dedicated account servicing team Superior typesetting, translation and proofreading services 8 modern and spacious conference rooms State-of-the-art conferencing and presentation equipment for corporate events and meetings Our Products and Services IPO Prospectuses Financial Reports Circulars Announcements Financial Documents Corporate Brochures & Other Marketing Collaterals Compliance Documentation Creative Concept & Design Translation, Copywriting & Editing REF Team The REF team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive financial printing experience. We have worked with numerous businesses across industries and possess excellent track records in serving corporate clients from the local and international arenas. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with the complexities of capital market transactions. With our in-depth understanding of the regulatory rules and regulations, we are well-qualified to develop high-caliber transaction and compliance documents for you. Sales Team Creative and Design Team Account Servicing Team Production Team Translation Team Sales Team REF has an enthusiastic sales team that is responsible for marketing the company's product and service offerings. Our sales team has extensive experience in all facets of financial printing. Ms. Fanny Chiu – Sales Director Fanny possesses a wealth of experience in financial printing. She has over 15 years of financial printing expertise. Previously, she served some of the most reputable financial printing companies in Hong Kong in senior management roles where she led the sales and marketing teams, and was in charge of corporate development, strategic planning and overall management. With her strong background and proven track record from the financial printing industry, Fanny is uniquely qualified to serve our company as Sales Director. In her current capacity as REF's Sales Director, Fanny is responsible for the company's overall sales and marketing activities. She leads our account servicing and sales teams with the goal of providing world-class financial printing solutions to our customers. Ms. Teresa Law – Associate Sales Director Teresa has worked in the financial printing industry for over 6 years. She has extensive experience in the development and production of IPO prospectuses for Hong Kong listed companies in the property, energy, consumer products and retail marketing sectors. From IPO prospectuses to annual reports to circulars and statutory announcements, Teresa offers superb yet cost-effective solutions for large and small scale print jobs. She has gained recognition from the market a responsible individual who is attentive to her clients. Teresa is strongly focused on building long-term customer relationships and has maintained a sizeable portfolio of satisfied clients. Ms. Karen Li – Associate Sales Manager Karen has substantial experience in the financial printing business. She has managed a variety of projects encompassing IPO prospectuses and financial reports. Karen works with a wide range of clients including investment banks and blue chip companies. She is passionate about providing high-quality services to clients and has a solid track record in client management as shown by her success in developing the right business solutions to cater to her clients' unique financial printing needs. Ms. Kiki Wu – Senior Sales Executive With over 10 years of experience in financial printing. Kiki possesses strong skills in all areas of financial printing. Her professionalism in handling financial reports has instilled a high level of confidence in clients regarding working with REF and the management of their project. She has also managed IPO prospectuses and other financial documents including the coordination of the entire production workflow process. Kiki is highly proficient in providing professional service and achieving clients' expectations. Ms. Christy Szeto – Sales Executive Christy has worked in the sales and marketing industry for many years. Placing customer satisfaction as her top priority, she strives to make sure that every aspect of her customer service is impeccable. From the initial stage to the final stage, Christy ensures that her clients' every need and goal are met, thus winning the trust and support of her loyal customers. Creative and Design Team Our creative and design team has won numerous international awards for design and creative excellence. The team is enthusiastic about creating the perfect design concept for our clients. Crafting artwork that is stylish, corporate, elegant and highly distinctive is the team's forte. Mr. Alan So – Creative Director Alan has over 25 years of experience in graphics design. He has held senior design positions including the Creative Director post at prestigious companies where he was placed at the helm of the creative and design team. He has previously worked at Ming Pao Daily News, Burson Marsteller, Ogilvy & Mather, Enterprise IG, The Design Associate and iOne Financial Press Limited. Alan holds a diploma in Design from the Shatin Technical Institute (now known as "Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin)"). Alan is well achieved as shown by the numerous awards that his work has won, such as the Hong Kong Print Awards, International ARC Awards, Mercury Awards, Astrid and Galaxy Awards. Highlights of his accomplishments include the annual report concept and design for Hong Kong Post, Turbo Jet, China Mobile, China Telecom, Lifestyle international, Sincere Watch, CTI, Hong Kong Housing Society and many more. Account Servicing Team Our account servicing team handles all of REF's production and customer relations services. Account managers will be assigned to manage your project as soon as your project begins. We will take you hand-in-hand to make sure that your financial print jobs are easy and hassle free for you. We will guide you through the entire production process, provide you with project updates and serve as your key point of contact. Mr. Teddy Lee – Operations Consultant Teddy is our Operations Consultant who is responsible for the operations strategy of the account servicing team. Teddy has more than 15 years of experience derived from the financial printing industry. Having managed and worked in various operating functions within the industry, he possesses strong operational skills in his areas of specialization, namely information technology, operations and account servicing. Mr. Ken Lo – Account Servicing Director Ken, our Account Servicing Director, has over 10 years of account servicing experience. He has worked in an account servicing capacity in both the international and domestic financial printing markets. Ken is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the efficient operations of the account servicing department. With his expertise in account servicing and quality assurance, Ken has built up excellent relationships with our clients in the financial printing field. Production Team Our production team is well-trained and highly experienced in handling all types of financial, legal, marketing and governmental documents. We pride ourselves in carrying out typesetting with quality, accuracy and speed. We provide typesetting services 24/7 and offer after-hour services for time-critical projects. We also provide customers quick turnaround to meet challenging deadlines. We apply a meticulous step-by-step approach in our typesetting process where quality checks are conducted during each stage of the typesetting process to ensure accuracy. Our proofreading team pays attention to even the smallest details to make sure that your final sets of documents are impeccably accurate. We take the time and effort to be extra careful in proofreading your documents so that we can deliver the very best proofreading services to you. Translation Partners REF partners with an array of well-established translation houses to deliver effective and efficient translation services to customers. Our translation partners comprise of highly qualified language professionals who specialize in creating quality copy and translations for clients. We are meticulous in editing and proofreading your documents to ensure that your final documents are well-written and concise. Our translation partners are knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects and will apply industry specific jargons and professional business terminology to create the most language-appropriate documents for you. Our principal translation partner, Finlang Translation Services Limited, is led by energetic and professional translators with nearly 20 years' experience gained from providing translation services to renowned Hong Kong and overseas listed and private companies, prestigious investment banks, esteemed law firms and major audit firms. Accuracy always comes first at Finlang with their translators' expertise. Our Facilities The REF Office The REF office is conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong's financial district on the third floor of Nexxus Building in Central. Our office boasts over 13,000 square feet of modern and exquisite facilities. The reception area is uniquely decorated with fine works of art to create a warm ambiance for our customers. Our office also features spacious conference rooms, state-of-the-art presentation and conferencing equipment, and a cozy customer lounge. Conference Rooms We have 8 spacious, modern and well-equipped conference rooms that are perfect for meetings, Annual General Meetings, and other corporate events. Our customers utilize our conference rooms as a meeting place to convene with working parties for finalizing their financial report, IPO prospectus, and other projects. Our largest conference room is ideal for holding AGMs as it can accommodate up to 80 people. We offer catering services for AGMs and other corporate events. Our conference rooms are available for customer use around-the-clock and on a first-come, first-served basis. Presentation and Conferencing Equipment State-of-the-art presentation and conferencing equipment are supplied in all of our conference rooms. Making a professional presentation is easy via our user-friendly 63-inch smart board and other technologically advanced presentation equipment. For business conferencing, whether it is video or telephone conferencing, we have advanced and reliable equipment to suit your every need. Customer Lounge Our customer lounge is the perfect place to unwind after those long hours of hard work. Well furnished with comfortable sofas, television, internet access as well as delicious snacks and beverages that are on the house, our customer lounge is a fun place for clients to recharge. 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