Our account servicing team handles all of REF's production and customer relations services. Account managers will be assigned to manage your project as soon as your project begins. We will take you hand-in-hand to make sure that your financial print jobs are easy and hassle free for you. We will guide you through the entire production process, provide you with project updates and serve as your key point of contact.

Teddy Lee

Mr. Teddy Lee
Chief Operating Officer
Teddy is our Chief Operating Officer who is responsible for the operations strategy of the account servicing team. Teddy has more than 12 years of experience derived from the financial printing industry. Having managed and worked in various operating functions within the industry, he possesses strong operational skills in his areas of specialization, namely information technology, operations and account servicing. 

Ken Lo

Mr. Ken Lo
Account Servicing Director
Ken, our Account Servicing Director, has over 10 years of account servicing experience. He has worked in an account servicing capacity in both the international and domestic financial printing markets. Ken is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the efficient operations of the account servicing department. With his expertise in account servicing and quality assurance, Ken has built up excellent relationships with our clients in the financial printing field. 

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